BioPrecision3 LM Stages

BioPrecision3 LM Stages

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Bio Precision LM Motorized Stage

LEP’s new Linear Motor stage employs technology that eliminates the traditional motor and leadscrew drive found in conventional stages.  The result is a next generation stage that provides high performance in a more compact and light weight package.  The new design allows better access for loading and unloading specimens.  It also reduces the height for better microscope compatibility.

Integrated Positioning Solution

The new Linear Motor Stage is the solution for your microscope automation requirements.  This stage provides precise manual and programmable control with high resolution for intracellular positioning as well as high speed for large area scanning.  The benefit of the low mass and lightweight construction goes beyond the stage precision;  it improves the performance of the entire optical system.  The lower moving mass reduces stress on the microscope stand, significantly improving accuracy and reliability.  This results in a nearly silent maintenance free operation.

The stage system is fully compatible as a direct replacement for Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and Leica microscope stages.  A full range of specimen holders and accessories are available from LEP.  The MAC6000 Linear DC Servo Drive module makes the BioPrecision3 LM Stages fully compatible with all existing software applications.