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Microscope Automation

Ludl Electronic Products pioneered the concept of microscope automation with a combined, single controller platform for specimen positioning, fluorescence control and optics for microscopy. More than 40 years later our concepts have been refined to provide higher performance that yields improvements in research and data collection. LEP products are frequently used by researchers on the cutting edge.

Modular Automation Controller

Ludl Electronic Products continues to be in the forefront of microscope automation technology. Our new MAC 6000 controller system is a powerful controller that is fully programmable, networkable, and has the power to control all aspects of the microscope. Additionally the system can run embedded scripts to customize commands, provide standalone functionality, diagnostics and sequences.

Motorized Stages

A motorized stage is the centerpiece of a microscope automation system The BioPrecision2 stages continue to improve with high resolution linear encoders and antimigration linear bearings. Critical components that can’t be compromised ensure that LEP stages provide the best performance and reliability.

Focus Control

Essential to microscope automation is focus control. LEP offers two technologies for precision focus control: motorized microscope focus and a stage peizo Z-stage. The standard focus motor options provide precision motor drive with feedback options ensuring accurate focus positioning. For demanding applications Piezo driven nano positioning features resolution down to 3nm with higher speed and accuracy.


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