Automation Systems for Microscopy

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Ludl Electronic Products is the premier provider of leading edge microscope automation. Almost any aspect of microscopy can be enhanced with precision control. LEP automation products are available throughout the world – look for your closest representative here.

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  • BioPrecision3 LM Stages

    BioPrecision3 LM Stages

    LEP’s new Linear Motor stage employs technology that eliminates the traditional motor and leadscrew drive found in conventional stages. The result is the next generation stage that provides high performance in a more compact and light weight package.

  • BioPrecision2 Stages

    BioPrecision2 Stages

    BioPrecision2 stages are designed for the highest performance possible. Design features include precision recirculating ball leadscrews, high resolution linear or rotary encoders, precision ground crossed roller guide bearings and adjustable limits.

  • BioPoint2 Stages

    BioPoint2 Stages

    The BioPoint2 is the second generation value priced automation solution from Ludl Electronic Products. Specifically designed for ergonomic productivity enhancement, the stage system is carefully designed to provide high performance for routine applications at a reasonable cost.
    Unique design features incorporated into the BioPoint2 stage provide improved repeatability, and resolution without affecting the ease of use.

  • Nano Positioning

    Nano Positioning

    State of the art. Piezo Focus; positioning for the highest possible throughput and performance. Hardware integration features provide the highest possible speed with nanometer resolution.

  • Filter Wheels

    Filter Wheels

    Our programmable Filter Wheels provide a robust, flexible means for changing optical filters. Different versions are available for excitation and emission applications. High speed electronic shutters complement filter wheels for total light control.

  • Focus Control

    Focus Control

    Focus control is a key component for microscope automation. Almost any microscope automation application can benefit from control of the focus. Of course not all requirements for motorized focus are the same. LEP offers different options and technologies to suit the application.

  • Slide Handler System

    Slide Handler System

    The LEP Slide Handler system is designed to be simple, flexible, affordable and reliable. The complete system is tightly integrated achieving a complete slide handling solution with full features without complexity. The simplicity of the slide transfer mechanism provides efficient, reliable slide loading.

  • Semiconductor Systems

    Semiconductor Systems

    Ludl Electronic Products designs and manufactures precision stages and automation components for semiconductor manufacturing applications. Visit our product pages to learn more.