MAC 6000

MAC 6000

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MAC 6000 – Modular Automation Controller System

The MAC 6000 controller system from Ludl Electronic Products is the fifth generation system specifically designed for microscope control. The modular system can support an almost unlimited number of motion axes. Each axis can be either stepper motor, DC servo motor or dedicated application modules for filter changers, focus control and piezo drive. Built solidly upon nearly 40 years of experience with precision systems tailored for precision scientific applications the all new MAC 6000 is the state of art for controlling and managing microscope automation

Designed for Science

Can a controller influence precision and performance? Yes. The MAC 6000 controller is designed to provide high performance, run cooler and minimize electrical interference. The microstepping motor drives feature a unique DC linear technology that eliminates radiated electrical energy and temperature rise of the motor. The result is more accurate data, more accurate position and less uncertainty. Better science.

The MAC 6000 goes far beyond simple motion control. It is an automation manager. The system features a built-in BASIC like macro language that allows simple development of scripts for sequencing combinations of actions. Electronic and software triggering features enable high throughput applications. Expanded communication ports include dual RS-232 ports up to 115k baud, Ethernet and USB. A multi-protocol communication language ensures compatibility with legacy LEP controller products. New protocols expand the power to interface better with contemporary host processing architectures.

For convenience, the MAC 6000 modular system is available in pre-configured systems targeted for specific applications. The pre-configured systems simplify system configuration by bundling common and required components together in a single item. For more complex systems simply add modules to the pre-configured system that most closely matches the desired configuration.


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