Input Controls

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Interactive System Controller


The MAC 6000 Interactive System Controller brings a new level of intuitive user control for automated microscopes. The familiar joystick style control is enhanced for fine and coarse stage positioning. Utilizing the unique control puck and 15 function keys, the system provides interactive control at your fingertips for all MAC 6000 devices.The design is very ergonomic and the contoured palm rest assures comfort. The precise short throw deflection provides fingertip control with minimum pressure and movement. The function keys are arranged intelligently for intuitive application.learn more …

MAC 6000 – Input Controls

The ability to interact with automation systems is often the most overlooked aspect of system design and can make the difference between a truly useful, productive system and a source of frustration and inefficiency. Ludl Electronic Products systems have always included features to provide operator interaction with the system. In fact every controller module features a means for stand-alone operation: joystick/digipot for motors, toggle switches for filter wheels and shutters.

About Positioning Control Devices

Positioning input devices fall into two categories: velocity and displacement devices. A velocity input device controls velocity based upon a variable input. It is analogous to an automobile gas pedal; the more you press, the faster you go. Displacement devices move a discrete distance based on a measured input. In the LEP world the displacement device is known as a digipot. As the digipot knob is turned, digital pulses are read by the controller. For a given pulse sequence the motor is turned a corresponding number of steps.The LEP XY joystick support provides very fine short distance control with the ability to traverse long distances at high speeds. The exponential velocity/deflection curve is programmable.  LEP offers several digipot types. Typically for focus control applications, the single XY Joystick’s digipot functions similar to a focus knob on a microscope. The XY digipot control is arranged such that it simulates the coaxial control of a standard mechanical microscope stage.