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73006042 Interface Module

The MAC 6000 interface module is the brain of the MAC 6000 system. This module processes all of the commands from host system, supervises all of the modules on the MAC 6000 ‘stack’ and executes scripts for autonomous control. The MAC 6000 interface provides dual RS-232 ports, USB and Ethernet connectivity … simultaneously. Each interface option functions as an independent communications port enabling configuration flexibility and the possibility of more than one host connection. The MAC 6000 command set maintains compatibility with previous MAC 5000 system. A MAC 6000 specific command set provides state of the art communication with streamlined commands and programmable event based messaging. For example, utilizing the event based messaging, the MAC 6000 can be configured to send a message to the host computer when a device has begun it move, stopped or changed position. This type of messaging eliminates the common, inefficient polling loops that are required with some systems. Your microscope is a web server! The MAC 6000 has built-in web server capability. Primarily provided to make system configuration easier, the web server function can be used for remote control and monitoring of the system or to provide a simple, universal local display of system status. The possibilities are endless.

 73006054 Dual Microstepping Motor Driver

The LEP Dual Microstepping Motor Driver is designed to work with precision automation devices. The drive is capable of very high microstep resolution; up to 40,000 microsteps per revolution with a standard 1.8 degree stepper motor. The drive module can source up to 2 amps per phase at 24 volts. The motor current is precision regulated by the microprocessor. Designed expressly for precision instrumentation, the unique IX linear power regulation of the MAC 6000 Microstepping Motor Driver provides the highest performance and precision without excessive motor heating or EMI radiation that can sometimes be a problem with conventional microstepping drives. The LEP Dual Microstepping Motor Driver has inputs for end limits, pre-limits (deceleration), and index signals. In addition, the motor driver supports manual control with joystick (analog) and/or trackball (digital) inputs. For integration with high throughput system, there are digital sync inputs and outputs to link motor position to signal acquisition.

73006055 Dual DC Servo Motor Driver

The Dual DC Servo Motor Driver is capable of driving two independent DC servo motors. For applications that require high speed and high power DC servo motors are often used. Designed for precision instrumentation, with high resolution encoders, the DC Servo Motor Driver features fully programmable servo parameters along with command compatibility with the LEP Dual Microstepping Motor Driver. This module has inputs for end limits, pre-limits (deceleration), and index signals. In addition, the motor driver supports manual control with joystick (analog) and/or trackball (digital) inputs. For integration with high throughput systems, there are digital sync inputs and outputs to link motor position to signal acquisition.

73006056 Focus Control Module

Focus motor control requires more than a simple motor drive. The Focus control module is a single axis version of the 73006054 Dual Microstep Motor Drive with additional capability such as electronic motor disengagement, high resolution encoder feedback inputs and additional manual control features. Like the 73006054 Drive, the Focus Control Module is designed for optimum performance with the LEP focus motors optionally utilizing linear encoder feedback. The high stability and low EMI make this device especially suited to the laboratory environment where sensitive electronic instrumentation can be affected by some types of motion control.

73006060 General Purpose I/O Module

The Digital/Analog Interface module provides discrete inputs and outputs for sensing and control. The ability to read switches and sense analog levels can be very useful in applications where sensing of switches, controlling valves, detecting temperature levels is important. There are endless applications for this module!

 73006063 Piezo Drive Module

The MAC 6000 solution for Piezo transducer control is the 73006063 Piezo Drive Module. This module provides high resolution, high performance control for the Piezo focus devices. This module is very flexible and achieves the high speed with resolution that is required for demanding, cutting edge microscopy techniques. Featuring very flexible and powerful control modes, the Piezo Drive module can be controlled with standard LEP MAC 6000 motion commands, analog control signals and digital control signals. Manual control is also available for interactive operation.

73006068 Multi Shutter Control Module

The MAC 6000 Multi Shutter Control Module controls up to 4 independent shutters. The advanced shutter control utilizes precision timing of the shutter motion to minimize vibration without compromising performance. The controller can be fully integrated with external bi-directional synchronization inputs and outputs. The Multi Shutter Control Module is fully command compatible with shutter commands used in both the DC servo and stepper motor filter control modules.

73006080 Dual Step Motor Filter Wheel Control Module

The Dual Stepper Motor Filter Changer supports two filter wheels or one dual filter wheel and up to three shutters. Manual filter and shutter control is provided from the convenient front panel switches. Similar to the 73006081 Dual DC Servo Filter Wheel Control Module, this module recognizes the filter wheel and set parameters accordingly. While most LEP stepper motor filter wheels are no longer available as standard catalog items, this module will support most legacy wheels and proprietary designs.

   73006081 Dual DC Servo Filter Wheel

LEP manufactures a wide array of filter wheels for microscopes. The Dual DC Servo Filter Wheel Control Module provides the control for these wheels. As each wheel has an embedded memory device that identifies all of the characteristics of that particular wheel the control module then adjusts operating parameters to match the wheel. Since each parameter set is tuned for the wheel and application, the performance is assured. Sophisticated interface I/O capability provides gating signals for either triggering filter position or triggering external devices. For example, with proper interfacing, a system can be configured to position a filter, output a signal to a camera which in turn signals back to the controller when the frame is complete so the next filter can be positioned.