Focus Control

Focus Control

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Focus Control

Focus control is a key component for microscope automation. Almost any microscope automation application can benefit from control of the focus. Of course not all requirements for motorized focus are the same. LEP offers different options and technologies to suit the application: a simple motor for basic automated or remote focusing, add-on encoder systems for more precision and stability, and piezo driven nano-precision focusing for the highest performance.

Standard Focus Drive Motor

The standard automated focus is a motor coupled to the fine focus of the microscope. The LEP precision stepper motor drive can provide very high resolution: up to 2.5 nanometers. An optional linear encoder can be integrated with the focus motor. The encoder is fixtured to the microscope body so that it provides real-time measurement of the stage height in relation to the optics. The result is a stable, highly accurate performance that can dynamically compensate for focus drift and drive errors. Manual control of the motorized focus is also very important. The 73000365 digipot control provides positive feedback similar to a conventional microscope but with higher accuracy and less uncertainty.

Nano Precision Focus

Nano positioning focus controls provide very high resolutions with high throughput and speed. High resolution and speed are needed for acquiring stacks of images for processing and deconvolution.

Smart Focus Encoder

The cutting edge technology of the Smart Focus Encoder is the difference between simply detecting position and actually measuring position