Slide Handler System

Slide Handler System

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Microscope Slide Handler System

The LEP Slide Handler system is designed to be simple, flexible, affordable and reliable. The complete system is tightly integrated achieving a complete slide handling solution with full features without complexity. The simplicity of the slide transfer mechanism provides efficient, reliable slide loading. A single arm functions to pull the slide from the cassette to the stage and then return it with an opposite pushing motion. Once the slide is transferred to the stage it is located with a unique fixturing device for repeatable positioning and slide reloading in all axes. As the precision XY stage scans the slide, the transfer mechanism is completely clear of any interference with normal microscope function.

The Slide Handler system is built upon LEP MAC 6000 and BioPrecision2 technology. The MAC 6000 automation controller system supplies reliable performance that is expandable and configurable. The XY stage used in the Slide Handler system is based on BioPrecision2 technology to provide the highest performance. Together this flexible system architecture adapts to a wide range of microscopes with a primary focus on operator usability.

For applications where high precision is required all encoder options are available. Linear encoders provide the most accuracy and resolution with precision performance. Standard rotary encoders ensure reliability for unattended operation.

Powerful software commands ensure flexibility. Cassettes are configurable as input only, output only or input/output depending upon your specific requirements. Slides have random access selection. Peripherals such as barcode scanners and other sensors are easily interfaced with the MAC 6000 controller. With this flexibility the system is ideally suited for high volume screening, analysis, classification and review applications.

Of course, simply loading a slide to the microscope stage solves only part of the automation equation. Depending upon the specific application, other aspects of microscope control may need to be automated as well. The Slide Handler system can accommodate many microscope automation requirements for almost any microscope including programmable focus drives, filter changers and objective turret changers.